35th National Rover Scout Moot 2024

Welcome to the Adventure of Hyper-leaping to the Future

Priorities of the Rover Moot

1Creating an International level Rover Moot, following the structure of World Moots and Rover Way programs, while preserving the unique traditions of Sri Lanka.

2The program structure will provide the participants to interact with participants from other districts of the country at a national level event

3The four designated trail pathways include Adventure, Technology, Creativity, and Culture. These are in align with the 75th Independence of SL.

4This is a Rover Moot organized by youth with the hope of giving the participants a vibrant and empowering scouting experience.

Dates & Venue

Friday, 19th April 2024
Tuesday, 23rd April 2024
Vihara Maha Devi Park, Colombo Sri Lanka

The Rover Moot consists of two segments. Participants will be at the Base Camp on the first day & again from the fourth evening of the Moot. Whereas the rest of the days they, will be on a trail according to their selected interest pathway with a tribe with mixed participants from different parts of the island and overseas.

Digital Platforms

Rover Moot Theme, Colors and Logo


This year's Rover Moot theme is 'Hyper-leaping to the Future.' Hyper-leaping signifies transcending barriers of race, gender, class, generation, and geography, striving for an inclusive society with equal opportunities for all.

The Rover moot logo depicts the above theme and is designed using the Rover Moot colors which are Red, Green and White.